Back Goldfinch looking backwards A surprising rectangular shape appears in the sky if we adjust the contrast and color dramatically. The right corner of this shape also appears in the next photo, from closer to the group and aimed slightly right.

Unadjusted first picture cropped, actual size.

Same, 200%.

Photo enhanced for better contrast and sharpened.

But it is most interesting just to enlarge the basic photo.

We were visiting our son Eric and his family in Brussels in the spring of 2009 when the group decided to take a weekend trip to the Netherlands to see the tulips. Although it turned out we were too late for tulips, we did find this gorgeous field of what I think were cyclamens.

In the field were what appeared to be a photographer and a wedding party. We got out of the car and I took a panorama of photos from left to right while walking slowly toward the group. I don’t know the exact location in Holland.

Looking at the photos at home later, I noticed an odd object in the sky of the first photo. It did not show in the other photos, which were taken progressively off to the right in my panorama. A passing bird did show up in the sky of the third of the pictures. Enlarging the two made quite clear that the strange object was no bird. Eventually, I cropped the odd object and manipulated the  colors to get higher contrast.

I Googled news for the date of the photograph (May 1, 2009) and discovered that there had been a spate of UFO reports in the Netherlands the day before.

Below is a Flash Photo Gallery of the panorama photos and one taken a few seconds later. The first photo shows the UFO to the left of center in the sky. I give a few blow-ups after that.

Addendum: a year later plus a couple of months, I was going to meditate in the afternoon at our then home in the mountains five miles east of Fort Garland, Colorado. Sitting in the sun in a sling chair, I quickly realized that this was a poor idea not only because it was mid-afternoon, but more importantly because the sun at 8,500 feet was cooking me too rapidly for comfort. So I moved from the south side of the deck to the north, in a bit of shade there that also provided a nice view of Blanca Mountain, one of three local fourteeners.

As soon as I got comfortable, I looked over at the mountain just because that’s what you do when you sit down in front of a mountain that big only fifteen miles away (picture). There to the right and slightly above Blanca — about fifteen miles away — was this ... orb. About the size of an airliner out there; so, a jet liner as seen overhead from 8,500 feet: about five miles if the plane is at 35,000 feet. But this object appeared to be at the mountain. It was shiny, reflecting on my left side (corresponding to the afternoon sun angle) and not on the right. Thus it had body. It looked spherical. And if you knew your trig still, you could figure its diameter.

As I was wondering what this was — not an airliner because it was still, not a weather balloon (which I actually saw once, but off to the west of these mountains, back in 2000) because it was spherical, not elongated, and not anything else that came to mind — it moved steadily down and to the left, towards the peak of Blanca, and stopped again. Then it just faded out. It disappeared slowly.

Oddly, it did not occur to me at first that it must be a UFO — that area of Colorado has quite a reputation for UFO’s and I kept my eye out for a sighting. I suppose that was because this was an orb, nothing saucer-shaped about it, and at that time I did not realize how commonly UFO’s take the shape of orbs .

And here is a well-known UFO photo I just came across again – from the 1993 Maslin Beach Photograph Case – link. There are several more photos of this event at the link as well as a persuasive narrative.

Click here for my next UFO. In 2016 while living in Prescott, AZ. Relaxing one summer evening outside my house. Noticed a light whose bizarre behavior defies any common-sense explanation I can find. The link takes you to a transcription of notes I made at the time. My cell-phone photo is unimpressive. Just a distant light that might as well be a star.