Back Goldfinch looking backwards

Most influential on my own thinking in this Mind/Matter business have been the writings of Larry Dossey and Rupert Sheldrake. More on them when I get a moment. For now I am thinking of an essay by Chris Carter that I found linked in an interview with him by Jime (more ID not given) here. Carter is the author of an excellent book, Science and the Near-Death Experience, thorough in its examination of skeptics and offering of QM-based interpretations of the NDE as well as a careful ordering or categorization of the NDEs which includes the horrific ones along with a cross-cultural examination.

His essay, “Does Consciousness depend on the Brain?” is due to appear in his next book, according to its publicly available source, and is aimed exactly at the question I am examining here. As Carter is a published writer who has steeped himself in the literature of this question, someone, furthermore, whose thinking and writing I admire, I find it quite instructive to compare his crisp six-page presentation with my own meanderings. And I do that here.

Since writing up my Carter materials I have read Mario Beauregard’s Brain Wars. As Beauregard is himself a practicing neuroscientist, his statements and arguments, which repeat those of Carter while adding an entire book of evidence from neuroscience experiments along with direct refutations of the usual line of scientific materialism,  are of great interest. His book is available in a Kindle edition at Amazon.