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Mind and Matter Quick View

1. Your personal evidence for mind is stronger than it is for matter, so you ought to conclude that mind is at least as real as matter. Notice that you don’t have any evidence that is not personal, because you have to find, get and understand that evidence yourself. And you are personal, not a machine for receiving truths from either Religion or Science.

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2. If ghosts are real, then mind can exist apart from matter. And ghosts are real.

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3. One understanding of the physics of quantum mechanics holds that consciousness is a causal entity independent of matter and able to control it. Thus there is no contradiction between science and the view that there IS a ghost in the machine.

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4. If the ghost is in the machine, and if some ghosts exist without their own machine (see 2. above), then it may be that at the death of the machine, the ghost continues to exist. As a ghost without the machine.

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