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Some accident or other brought the Perth Group to my attention. Their material is rather demandingly scientific in nature, but as I got into it, I found them persuasive. Still, that HIV is the cause of AIDS has been a forgone conclusion in my mind for so long that I was loath to go along with my logic, especially given the highly technical nature of the argument. (For instance, a major claim this group makes is that the HIV does not in fact exist, or, more exactly, has never been isolated. They must then go on to explain how it is that we have several HIV tests that have been used for decades now. That is a very far trek for my mind to take.)

But it turns out there is a much cleaner and easier to grasp road to the same conclusion. This is taken by Henry H Bauer (an international chemist who settled in the US and ended up for years at Virginia Tech). He shows that there is no correlation between diagnosis with HIV and having the disease AIDS, or no correlation of the sort one would find between, say, measles virus and the disease measles. In his words:

HIV is neither sexually transmitted nor increasingly prevalent.

HIV and AIDS are not correlated geographically.

HIV and AIDS are not correlated chronologically.

HIV and AIDS are not correlated in their relative impact on

women and men.

Nor are HIV and AIDS correlated in their relative impact on

white and black people.

Notice that these claims are made as statements of fact, not as conclusions. The idea is that if HIV were the cause of AIDS, then, for instance, there would be some chronological correlation between testing for HIV and acquiring AIDS (as in, the one would surely lead the other most of the time). But that is, he says, not the case. There is no correlation of any sort, he says. Here is a short pdf summary by Bauer, and here is his blog on the matter, He has published a book, The Origin, Persistence and Failings of HIV/AIDS Theory, available at Amazon here.

I have recently enjoyed reading this very thoughtful website devoted to the same conclusions (no virus has been isolated; no cause and effect has been demonstrated) —