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I have spent much time researching this topic, but have not yet put the results down here in my vaccination section. This is a project I’m working on because it is very important to the health of people. For now

A good, long, technical but finally very persuasive treatment of the polio vaccine, including the modern versions of it is in this book: Humphries, Suzanne; Bystrianyk, Roman (2013-12-12). Dissolving Illusions. I’m using the Kindle Edition.

Dr. Humphries now speaks widely and effectively on the topic, especially on polio vaccine. Here is one good presentation . This is a brief essay .

Barbara Lowe Fisher is an excellent, level-headed and deeply researched expert on the entire vaccine subject. She is co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center, often invited to testify before Congress. Here is one such testimony on the polio vaccine and the SV40 virus (“The SV40 Virus: Has Tainted Polio Vaccine Caused An Increase in Cancer?”)