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Some places I like to go for good thinking about how the country is run and why.

The Republican-Democrat circus doesn’t appear to be very significant in that regard.

This is so good that I’ve saved it to HD in case the site or the link ever goes down. It’s really all a person needs to realize that there is no essential difference between Democrat and Republican administrations in the field of who has power in the country, or who is really represented by the elected government.


The two parties are also united in their support of a set of policies, procedures and interpretations of law and the constitution justifying those policies and procedures which many characterize as tyrannical and unconstitutional. Or as Paul Craig Roberts puts it, “The police state is real.”

I observe that Roberts is as far “right” as Moyers is “left.” They do have real differences about how government should be conducted, but neither is beholden to a political party. Roberts was a high-ranking Reagan official (often considered the father of Reagonomics) and Moyers was press secretary to LBJ.


Sibel Edmonds offers a special insight into government from very far into its innards right after the 9-11 attack. A Turkish native who had grown up in Iran and ended up marrying an American, she had completed a bachelor’s degree in criminology and a master’s at George Washington University in public policy and had already applied to do part time work with the FBI when 9-11 occurred. As she was highly fluent in English as well as Farsi and Turkish (with some competence in other languages in that area) it was natural for the FBI to come to her (or perhaps she went again to them) for translation work in their Washington offices.

While there she began working with several already ongoing investigations that were working especially the Turkish-American field of interest. That is, she did more than translate; she worked hand in hand with the investigators in those cases, some of which went back into the early 90’s. Early on in the course of her new job she discovered massive incompetence and serious corruption in her division that led her to report to her superiors. When the superiors did nothing, she went over their heads in the FBI and eventually to Congress.

While at first she was received in Congress as a star witness, fielding glowing letters of affirmation from both sides of the isle in the Senate, I recall, and even getting public air time on 60 Minutes, the eventual outcome was that she lost her job and was issued gag orders of the most Draconian kind via the State Secrets loophole in our usual run of Constitutional due process. Thus she wrote her first book, Classified Woman. It is a page-turner and one of the most unsettling books I’ve read. That because of the compelling evidence for what I can only think of as treasonous corruption in government at the highest levels. This is not about slush funds for office parties.

Here is a general overview of her story prepared by an admirer like myself:

A more detailed and professionally edited story came out in 2009 in the American Conservative, written by former CIA case officer, Philip Giraldi. But its scope is not as wide as in the Red Pill page.