A friend emailed me and some other friends a note mentioning that he had attended an evening with Ed Asner doing a play reading. “He is convinced that there was a 9/11 conspiracy, and cites the collapse of World Trade Building #7, an implosion-type collapse at the same time as #1 and #2.  And #7 is a couple of blocks away.  Insurance payoff was generous.” Below is my response to our group, with an additional photo of the rubble from the German demolition I mention:

Here is # 7 before noon on 9-11 --

It's the tall one just left of center. The dark grey clouds of smoke are coming from pretty much all its windows on one side.

The familiar looking white building far left is the Verizon Building. Standing in front of both it and #7 are the still standing 9 stories (I've seen 8 given, also.) of Building #6. To the right of it and in the center-right of the picture are the remains of WTC #1. Here's a map-photo. #7 is just rubble in it. Text marking its lower part on this image is “(47 Stories).” To its left is the white facade of the Verizon Building.

Some people say WTC1 pancaked down to this pretty much as a result of weakening of the steel structure due to fire, and others say it must have been brought down by a carefully planned demolition. But where did the building go?

To make that question make better sense, here is the tallest building to be brought down by demolition in Europe before it went. It's 38 stories, 116 meters high.

Notice the white-blue buildings immediately behind it to the right. They seem to be 6 stories tall with maybe another as the roof.

Now near the end of this video (2.53) of the implosion (taken from a higher point of view), you can see the same white-blue buildings as well as the rubble of the 38 stories and some buildings to the right. I seem to recall that in demolition you get about 15% of the building in height left over, which would be six stories, and that appears to be about right for this.

A view from the ground, apparently looking back toward the building from which the video above was taken. In judging the height of the rubble pile, be sure to take into account perspective.

Now 15% of 110 is 16 stories or so. So look again at that photo taken before building 7 was brought down:

Explanations I have heard that are unsatisfactory are 1) that there were 7 stories below ground for the building to fall into and 2) they hauled most of it away and 3) most of the building was blown out to the sides. It is easy to show that the 7 stories below ground were not filled with WTC1's rubble (and anyway, you'd still have more stuff sticking up) and, of course, this photo is taken before noon on the day of the disaster, so there was no time for hauling the rubble away. Three doesn't fit with other photos taken on the same day which do not show anything like the missing 15 or 14 stories of stuff. Nor did people report such a massive blowing out, which would have damaged many of the buildings all around. And you don't see it in the many videos of the thing. Still there was stuff blown out to the side, just not nearly that much.

The explanation that makes best sense to me is that the building was mostly turned to dust. It didn't fall down. You can read about that theory here: